About Raad Stone

درباره راد استون
Raad Stone is an established company located in Iran. Having held a presence for over ten years within the industry and providing solid experience to customers across the Marble and other Stones sector throughout this time, the company since joined in partnership to expand and grow its business to positive new heights. As a result of this union, Raad Stone was formed and continues to deliver and provide its expertise to customers, one of the major efforts at Raad Stone Co. is providing of Shayan Cream Marble.
The high quality of extracted natural stones reflect beauty of their origin as we aim to become a leading brand in Iran and all over the world in natural stone sector.
In the course of its life, Raad Stone Company acquired rights to the Shayan Cream marble deposits in Iran .We ensure quality, reliability and high tech manufacturing facilities used in quarries and factories.
Shayan quarry is located in Fars province (one of the main zones of a major Cream Mable quarries) and this quarry currently has the first rank of production between similar Cream quarries, Shayan is a beige colored marble and its unique color allows one to combine it with almost any other different stone color, shade or any type of decoration, this being one of the reasons for its great popularity and least absorption with high polish ability are other reasons. Currently this marble in Raad Stone factory is being processed and abundant amounts of blocks, slabs and tiles are available and ready for delivery.
Raad Stone creates permanent places with its wide product range, solutions, and sensitivity in stone processing and adorn the futuristic places with past motifs and introduces natural stones preserving their purity. Raad Stone continues its investments and increases its production capacity while supplying materials for many domestic and international construction projects.